New York Federal and State Criminal Defense Law

At Manchanda Law Office PLLC our New York City Criminal Defense lawyers have dedicated their careers to defending those accused of committing a crime. We believe in protecting the accused to ensure that every client received a fair and speedy trial.

Criminal charges include DUI, domestic violence, theft, burglary, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, manslaughter (voluntary or involuntary), probation violation, shoplifting, vandalism, and many more. It does not matter what you have been charged with, the lawyers at the Manchanda Law Office PLLC will fight tirelessly to ensure that you have a fair trial and the best defense possible.

Family Law

Manchanda Law Office PLLC has over the past 17 years amassed great expertise in New York Family Law dealing with Child Support, Visitation, Family Offense Petitions, Violation and Contempt Proceedings, Motion Practice, Paternity, Divorce, Separation Agreements, Adoption, Alimony, Palimony, Maintenance, Prenuptial Agreements, Orders of Protection, Mediation, and much more.

Civil Rights and Discrimination

All of us at the Manchanda Law Office PLLC have a passionate and zealous view of Civil Rights causes, and we pledge to defend your civil liberties with sensitivity, devotion, and vigor. Civil Rights cases and causes advance the public good and address injustice. We will aggressively fight for you if you have been subjected to employer abuse or misconduct, discriminatory or retaliatory action by public officials, or other acts giving rise to claims under the Civil Rights Acts. We will loyally represent you in all areas of labor and employment relations including employment contracts, employment termination and severance agreements, academic tenure proceedings, clinical privileges and disclosures in the health care field, and in the trenches of litigation.

We have tirelessly advised on, negotiated, and litigated employment discrimination and retaliation claims under federal, state, and local law on the basis of age, race, sex, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, pregnancy, sexual and racial harassment, whistleblower claims under federal and state law, civil rights and constitutional claims under the First Amendment, the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses, actions arising under 42 U.S.C. sections 1981, 1983, and 1985, statutory claims under ERISA, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the National Labor Relations Act, the New York Labor Law, and the Civil Service Law. We will also aggressively litigate common law claims such as breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, defamation, unfair competition, and claims arising under restrictive covenants.

Personal Injury

At Manchanda Law Office PLLC our New York City personal injury lawyers have dedicated our careers protecting the rights of accident victims. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you should not have to manage your legal concerns while also trying to recover. Let us put our power, expertise, and experience to work for you so that you can focus on your recovery.

Accidents and injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways, and at Manchanda Law Office PLLC we take on cases related to Construction Accidents, Work-Related Injuries, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Aviation Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse, Premises Liability, Slip and Fall Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Asbestos, Workers’ Rights, Train Accidents, and other issues. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, you need not shoulder the burden of accident-related expenses alone. Review your legal options with an experienced and knowledgeable New York City personal injury attorney.

Internet Defamation

At Manchanda Law Office PLLC our New York City Internet Defamation lawyers have dedicated our careers to protecting individuals against hurtful defamation often found on the Internet. If you have been injured by another’s libel that has been posted on the Internet, contact us and let us put our expertise to work for you.

The vital elements to an Internet Defamation case include a publication that is mean to defame another, a false statement of fact, and the fact that the post was intending to harm the reputation of the plaintiff. The publication can be found on a blog, a review, rating, comment, or social media platform. The publication can also be in the form of verbal slander via a podcast or video posted online. At Manchanda Law Office PLLC we take on all cases involving Internet Defamation.

Commercial Litigation

At Manchanda Law Office PLLC our New York City Commercial Litigation lawyers have dedicated their careers to resolving business disputes that arise through the course of conducting business in the every changing economy. We have the experience to help you resolve breach of contract issues, partnership disputes, business torts, shareholder issues, and any other business dispute that may arise. Contact us today and let our expertise help.

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- Michael D. (New York, NY)

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"For my U Visa case, many people referred me to several lawyers but i found most of them lacking my expectation in some way or the other. After looking for sometime, one day i decided to go with the best lawyer for my case as i didn't want to take half chances. On Google, i found him to be the best rated lawyer. i contacted his office and was able to talk to him and explain briefly about my case over the phone. At my first meeting with Mr. Rahul Manchanda at his office, the way in which he heard my case in detail & after seeing his prompt, meticulous & aggressive approach, i was fully convinced that he was the best choice i've made. The energy & speed at which he worked on my case was impeccable. He was very professional in his approach & responded very promptly to each one of my case-related queries & doubts. His vast experience as an immigration lawyer, energetic approach & a never give up attitude is few of his many attributes which makes him stand apart from all other lawyers in the United States. I shall never forget his immense contribution in resolving my U Visa case. Thanks a lot for taking up my case. Wish you all the best !!! GOD BLESS YOU !! Let me know once it is done. Thank you."


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"Having Rahul Manchanda on my side saved my case!! Let me start by saying issues with immigration are extremely frightening to say the least. I spoke to and spent thousands of dollars taking advice from half a dozen attorneys who told me there was nothing i could do, and that it was out of my hands to just hope for the best. I felt like they preyed on my desperation and took my money even though they had no real solution. On my initial call with Rahul he proposed a solution immediately. He understood exactly what the issue was and knew the appropriate way to counter any arguments that might be made against me. He helped get me in touch with the right experts and went to bat for me against USCIS and the Mumbai Consulate. He constantly pushed them to resolve my issue when they were dragging their feet and ignoring emails. The burden and stress from this case felt like a cancer on my life, but he honestly made me feel hopeful again, not only because he was reassuring but because he is extremely knowledgeable and doesn't waste your time."


- Valmiki Amarjit, New York, NY

"Rahul Manchanda was a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the possibility of a suitable resolution seemed impossible. Mr. Manchanda has provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. Perhaps the thing that impressed us most was nothing was "sugar coated". He was very straight forward and told us what to expect each step of the way. I found him to be very experienced, approachable, knowledgeable and authentic. While working with Mr.Manchanda, We felt as though our situation was in skillful and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer us wrong. I would highly recommend Rahul Manchanda to anyone seeking legal representation because he is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and sole needs at the front. Should any situation ascend, I would not hesitate to seek representation from him again."


- Melissa Salmi, New York, NY