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Studying in America as an exchange student in high school or a foreign university student is more complicated than simply getting on a plane and registering for classes. You will first need permission to study in the United States, and must apply for a student visa before entering the country. How do you begin the process to come to New York as a student?

You will need to be approved for either an F-1 or an M-1 student visa, depending on which type of studies you are planning on pursuing. F-1 visas are reserved for those who are attending a university or academic institution. M-1 visas, on the other hand, are for those who are here to learn a skilled trade or vocation. You will also need to get your school of choice approved by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

To qualify for studying in America, you will need to be proficient in English or enroll in a professional English-learning course. You will need to show immigration authorities that you plan on returning to your home residence in your own country after the completion of your education, as well as have funds to support yourself while you are in America. Finally, you must be a full-time student here.

You will generally not be allowed to have a job during your first year in school, with the exception of certain approved on-campus employment opportunities. Your employment options after your first year in school depend on whether you have an F or an M visa, as well as the type of job you are applying for. Additionally, your job will need to be approved by a designated authority.

An attorney with experience in immigration law will be able to answer other questions regarding student immigration and employment. Call the Manchanda Law Office PLLC if you have questions or are in need of representation.

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