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RAHUL MANCHANDA TOP ATTORNEY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FOR 2013 NEWSWEEK MAGAZINEAfter then Senator Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton’s enactment and passage of the Violence Against Women’s Act (“VAWA”) in 1994, there has been a virtual holocaust of men in the United States, as this law mandates arrest in all cases of alleged domestic violence, even if there is no real evidence or probable cause.

Not only that, but con-artist females, criminals, prostitutes, and other organized criminals have taken advantage of these VAWA Laws to entrap men, extort and blackmail men, and to gain an unlawful, unethical, and illegal tactical advantage in Family Court, Criminal Court, Integrated Domestic Violence (“IDV”) Court, as well as in the Civil Courts for divorce, child support and custody, visitation, marital estates, and in terms of orders of protection which are handed out to women like they were jelly beans, thus often throwing men out of their homes and lives without due process or notice.

Why You Need a Father’s Rights Attorney

Men have had their entire savings and estates stolen out from under them, banned from seeing their own kids, professionally and personally destroyed, reputations ruined, traumatized, or otherwise facing horrifically unfair jail sentences or other sanctions brought on by the lies and deceptions of an otherwise “scorned” woman, and their civil liberties, human rights, and constitutional protections have been thrown out the window.

Because of the VAWA Laws, men have been reduced to make-shift “money slaves,” with absolutely no rights whatsoever.

The courts have been steadily staffed with VAWA friendly and biased judges and law clerks, all funded by the federal government, and cottage industry “domestic violence” shelters, clinics, legal groups, and pro bono law firms and man-hating feminist institutions have sprung up all over the country to target and destroy men with the full power, force, and color of the federal government.

This is one of the reasons Mens’ Rights Lawyer Rahul Manchanda has decided to step into the breach to aggressively and effectively fight for men who are entangled within the Criminal, Family, Immigration, and Civil Court systems, both federal, state and local.

A Father’s Rights Attorney Who Is an Advocate for Men’s Rights

Attorney Rahul Manchanda will fight for you and your rights like a Wolverine and will not rest until justice is served.

The time has come for the pendulum of the sexual revolution to swing in the other direction, so as to restore the constitutional rights and protections of the American Male, his Family, and to restore his rightful place as a Man in the United States of America.

If you are currently enmeshed in either family, divorce, criminal, immigration, or civil court wherein your status as a “man” has been used against you, where you are presumed guilty because of the lies and false allegations of a bitter or corrupted woman, then please pick up the phone and call us at (212) 968-8600. Our men’s rights lawyer is available for a free consultation, 24/7, 365 days of the year, and will snap into action immediately and quickly to safeguard and secure your God-given and constitutionally bestowed rights, and to get you back on track to where you were before.

That is our promise.

Top Family Lawyer in New York City


Attorney Rahul Manchanda

Professor, Author, and Attorney Rahul Manchanda worked for one of the largest law firms in Manhattan where he focused on asbestos litigation. At the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (“UNCITRAL”) in Vienna, Austria, Mr. Manchanda was exposed to international trade law, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, and comparisons of the American common law with European civil law.

Attorney Bio

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The Manchanda Law Office

The Manchanda Law Office And Associates PLLC 30 Wall Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Phone: (212) 968-8600



“Thank you, Rahul. I feel so lucky to work with you. Have a good night.”

Thank you everybody yes – yesterday I got receipts…God bless you everybody.

Obedient Regards,

“Since I have been dealing with the Manchanda Law Office And Associates PLLC, I feel very good that my case is being followed up on each day. I am getting weekly updates of letters, and of your contacts, and I’m being included in possible strategy which I feel is good… You have shown great determination to help me with this matter and you have always been sincerely professional and always helpful.” – Ruel Hanley, Staten Island New York

“I appreciate very much your legal representation and thank you for representing my case personally.” – Dr. Sanga Kothapa, Santa Ana California

“Rahul, I appreciate your work on my case. Thankful for the very well prepared drafts…Also thanks for suggesting me in some good directions. Thanks.” – Naveenkumar C., Talahassee Florida

“Mr. Manchanda did a fantastic job! To carry the ball for hours like that was remarkable. Must be a great advocate.” – Kelly (McLean, VA)

“It was a very good experience to have an Attorney-Client relationship with your esteemed law firm. Thanks and highest regards.” – Muhammad Tariq, New York, New York

“Your Excellency Mr. Rahul Manchanda, I was so impressed by the way you handled my case. I am % satisfied by not only on the resolution but also on the process…I wish you all the best.” – Ermias, New York, New York

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