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Deportation is a complex issue that has great emotional impact on those involved. There is no denying the fact that US Government usually has legitimate and compelling reasons for removing Non-Americans from the country, but there have been ample incidents when an immigrant was deported unjustly. As an immigrant, if you have received a Notice to Appear or facing deportation, contact NY Deportation Lawyers & Immigration Attorneys at Manchanda Law Office PLLC, right away.

Deportation comes as a blow to especially those immigrants who have been living in the country for 10, 20, or more years. Legal technicalities, ever changing immigration laws, and ignorance about the available options often make the threat of deportation very real for immigrants in New York.

Do you know that you are eligible for Cancellation of Removal if you have been living in America of at least 10 years? Along with providing residence proof, you would have to establish that your removal would result in hardships for a US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident which may include children, spouse, sibling or parents.

Are you Aware that you may be entitled for bond despite being detained by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, discounting some special conditions? Our compassionate lawyers would file or make a bond application/motion to the immigration judge after confirming your eligibility for the same.

Even if you have been unsuccessful in getting relief within the Immigration system, including the Board of Immigration Appeals, you have the recourse of filing an action in US District courts and Us Courts of Appeals. Filing petitions for review, mandamus and habeas corpus petitions are other possible alternatives that our highly experienced attorneys may resort to, depending on the particulars of your case.

Our highly experienced Deportation defense attorney finds right legal remedies to help you when you need them the most. The New York City deportation lawyers at Manchanda Law Office PLLC have extensive practice in dealing with Deportation Law along with following:

  • Denial of Applications
  • Deportation or Removal Proceedings
  • Petitions for Review and Declaratory Relief to U.S. Federal Circuit Courts
  • Motions to Reconsider and Reopen
  • Criminal Convictions
  • 245(i)
  • Hearings before the Immigration Judge
  • Stays of Deportation and Cancellation of Removal
  • Appeals of Decisions
  • Consequences of being out-of-status

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"For my U Visa case, many people referred me to several lawyers but i found most of them lacking my expectation in some way or the other. After looking for sometime, one day i decided to go with the best lawyer for my case as i didn't want to take half chances. On Google, i found him to be the best rated lawyer. i contacted his office and was able to talk to him and explain briefly about my case over the phone. At my first meeting with Mr. Rahul Manchanda at his office, the way in which he heard my case in detail & after seeing his prompt, meticulous & aggressive approach, i was fully convinced that he was the best choice i've made. The energy & speed at which he worked on my case was impeccable. He was very professional in his approach & responded very promptly to each one of my case-related queries & doubts. His vast experience as an immigration lawyer, energetic approach & a never give up attitude is few of his many attributes which makes him stand apart from all other lawyers in the United States. I shall never forget his immense contribution in resolving my U Visa case. Thanks a lot for taking up my case. Wish you all the best !!! GOD BLESS YOU !! Let me know once it is done. Thank you."


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"Having Rahul Manchanda on my side saved my case!! Let me start by saying issues with immigration are extremely frightening to say the least. I spoke to and spent thousands of dollars taking advice from half a dozen attorneys who told me there was nothing i could do, and that it was out of my hands to just hope for the best. I felt like they preyed on my desperation and took my money even though they had no real solution. On my initial call with Rahul he proposed a solution immediately. He understood exactly what the issue was and knew the appropriate way to counter any arguments that might be made against me. He helped get me in touch with the right experts and went to bat for me against USCIS and the Mumbai Consulate. He constantly pushed them to resolve my issue when they were dragging their feet and ignoring emails. The burden and stress from this case felt like a cancer on my life, but he honestly made me feel hopeful again, not only because he was reassuring but because he is extremely knowledgeable and doesn't waste your time."


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Regarding NY Family Court Child Support Modification/Wilful Non-Payment Defense Case: "Thanks for being flexible and for everything you did for me. I really appreciate it and am eternally grateful to you that I am home and this is behind me. Best,"


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"Hi fellas.. this is manbir singh, I want to share my experience with all of you what just happened with me couple of months ago. I had some dispute with somebody regarding some money and when I was asking for my money she called cops on me and unfortunately without asking anything from me I just got arrested and i found out that I am charged with misdemeanor of “aggressive harassment 2” and after that I picked up by “ICE” from the jail .. my family spoke to 10-12 attorneys at the end they hired Rahul Manchanda.. I told everything to sir.. he went to my criminal court date when I was in immigration custody and dismiss the case which helped me a lot to get out from immigration detainee center .. I got out on my very first court date . And judge and d.a wanted to give me next court date, Only because of Rahul Manchanda’s skills they had to give me bond the same court date .. and I was the only one who got bond in 12 people.. I got out 25 of April 2018 .. I will recommend everyone to contact to RDM FIRM.. because in these days trump administration is abusing immigrants and I saw people there, who’ve been there from 15 months .. I am so thankful to sir who got me out of there .. now we’re going to terminate this ice case on next court date.. thank you sir :)"


- Manbir Singh, New York NY

"I would like to say thank you to Manchanda Law. Before working with Mr. Manchanda I was very discouraged, and the possibility of losing my family seemed more real. Mr. Manachanda provided me with hope. He is the best attorney anyone could ever have! He took my case, although it was a very complicated case. He is very professional and well knowledgeable. He explained everything about my situation in details and made sure I understood it. He is very diligent in his work, and he cares about his clients. I highly recommend his services. He the greatest immigration lawyer ever."


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